Friday, February 19, 2010

Girls working after marriage is good or not?

Yesterday while talking with few of my friends they just started talking about whether girls should work or not after marriage. Few of them were telling that they should work because they should not lose their freedom after getting marry, Like us(boys) even they have their own dreams since they started studying to do something in their life and have their own personality. But few of them strictly opposed it and they are telling that no girls should not go for work, because they have lot of responsibilities to be taken take care at home. Only she can manage the kids and no one else can take care of it like that, also they are arguing that why should she work when we are there to take care of her, if she is qualified let she teach children at home like that.

These things are really provoked me to think whether girls should work or not? As a girl I prefer to work and to achieve something in my career. But what should be the main priority to think of when it comes to family and career. Both are important, being an mother she has to take care of family and to be successful in her career she need to work hard and concentrate on her work as well.

When both are important it depends on how do we manage the things, and to balance everything the support from her life partner and family is also important. Nothing is impossible if we learn to manage the time and responsibilities. We have few great women who achieved a lot in their life being an successful housewife as well. If they can do it means, then cant we do it? We can, only thing is Willpower. We should be confident enough to manage our responsibilities.

Even though we are modernized still we see lot of girls suffering in the case of dowry and other things. These things will happen only if we are dependent, if we are independent then we can avoid them. Everyone speaks torturing girls for dowry should stop and system should change these things. But nothing will change until and unless we change ourselves, and we learn to manage.

This post is not against the guys its about a thought of the guys reaction towards girls. Marriage is commitment, there both are committed to each other , so both should sacrifice and compromise with few things. Don’t force girls always to compromise.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Be a Multitasker to get succed in your Carrer….

Are you thinking why we need to be multitasker? Isn’t it enough to be an expert in our domain?? If you think so, then you are wrong. Organisations in a quest to maximize productivity with the help of minimal resources , are identifying and retaining employees with multi-tasking abilities.

In an era of specialization, the necessity of having a multi-skilled workforce has become a necessity. It can lead to increased productivity of the organization. Organisations are looking out for multiskilled workforce in order to reduce hiring and increase efficiency. They can have fewer people who are able to do the lot work in an efficient way. And its required to be multi-skilled to grab more opportunities in the organizations where we have lot more competition who are all well talented.

Everything is business oriented think, “if you can able to get both management and programming work done paying 50 to a single person then why to think to hire two people in his place paying more than that”. Inspite of pay you can also save the money that you will invest on resources like providing machine to two people and other incentives. It might looks silly but its true. Now a days organizations thinks in such a way that rather than keeping so much of people lets we have fewer people who are efficient to do multi-tasks.

Benefits to organizations:
• Optimal utilization of workforce
• Easy deployment of employees varied job responsibilities
• Increased Productivity and better quality of deliverables
• Creation of a flexible workforce which is well aware of the organization’s needs.
• Motivation to employee engagement.

Being multitasker is an additional skillset for professionals, it helps them to be more diversified and high levels of motivation and enthusiasm. So if an employee enhances his skillset according to the needs of the organization he will be far more valuable to the company and will be the potent force in the market. Also they should be able to mould themselves so that they can brand themselves “in demand”.

Don’t think that these things will helps out only in the time of recession but also its required in the booming economy where companies attract to retain the best business.

Benefits for employess:
• Reduction in job insecurity
• Greater individual productivity
• Better growth prospects
• Holistic prespective regarding the organization’s business
• Can achieve his personal goals quicker

Being mutli-skilled and ablitiy to do muli-task is not an boon, its requires lot of dedication, hardworking and concentration. If you are confident enough to reach your goals and achieve it then sure you can do it. If you determined to do it then you will find the lot more ways to do it.

Here are few tips to be a multitasker:
• Plan the day carefully and precisely
• Have mini goals for day to complete your work efficiently
• Prioritise the assigned tasks
• Get encouraged to focus on the task at hand
• Get trained to handle each task immediately without delaying it
• Allow free time or intervals to avoid stress and frustration

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to make your man love you forever?

How to make your man love you forever?

Are you thinking about how to make your man fall in love with you? Hope , most of us are in need of some advice about this . Its tough to make man love you forever… IF You feel so then let us discuss how to overcome from this.

Here are the few tips to make your man love you forever:

1. The main thing to make him love you forever is never lose yourself in the relationship. Every man wish to know that their partner adore him but he also wants to have her own interests and life. No man likes if women depends completely on him for each and everything. The more dynamic you are , the more he loves you.

2. Keep yourself busy and try to help him in his needs, encourage his activities and be as good friend and welwisher. Try to understand his commitments towards his personal and profession life and help him overcoming out of them when is in trouble. In that way he respects you and loves to share everything you. He will understand that out of your busy schedule you are making time for him and available to him whenever he is in need of you. This helps in building a strong relationship.

3. One more sensitive part in this relationship is you should respect the people whom he cares a lot. It might be little tough to accept few persons but if you want to grab your men attention towards you means you should love whom he cares.

4. Don’t try to focus on each and every problem. Men really hates women interfering in everything. Pick your battles carefully and let small things slide. Men love women like this.

5. Be affectionate with limits, Show him that you care but don’t overwhelm him. Keep a little distance. Make him want to see you rather than he turns around or answer his phones.

6. “Be the Flower not the weed” in your love relationship. Relationship grows slowly like a flowering plants with overtime patience, nourishment and care. But weeds on the other hand grows very fast without any control, but in the last these weeds are pulled of and throw away. So be careful and try not to grow over fast in your relationship, which may threw away and let you in trash. Be slow in building your relationship.

Friday, December 18, 2009

How to promote your Blog?

Blogging is the best way to share our thoughts and experiences and knowledge. Its also known as online diary where people share about their personal life also. It has become a way of communicating media over internet. Writing articles about our memorable moments and sharing it with friends and getting their feedback is helping to keep our relationship much closer.

All of them wish to have their own blog , but most of them are struggling in getting visitors to their blog or they don’t know how to promote their blog online.

Try with these simple tips to promote your blog:

1.Fresh Content : “Content is King” . Content always plays a major role in seo and blogging. It acts as a sales manager in websites which convert traffic into leads.

2.Social Networking: Create your profiles on facebook, myspace, twitter, etc and share your blog url over there.

3.Social Bookmarking: Bookmark the blog url on few of the bookmarking sites like, , and etc.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

India's future is in the hands of our Youth!!

Everyone need an change in our system. We prefer to see new faces, don’t we?
Of course, we need a revolution in our system. We need dynamic, educated, hrd working youth to take care of our administration. At least then these corruption will come to an end.

Am not against experienced or aged people in politics, if they are capable of taking care of their work then they can continue. But a person who doesn’t know how to speak how to represent himself, can he be take care of the state?

Don’t care about the popularity, or party he belongs to or how long he is in this just think about his abilities and always vote for the youth. He may do few mistakes but still that is ok, he will come up with new ideas, that’s what we want. So friends lets join our hands to bring a revolution in this system.

We need youth leader like Rahul Gandhi not someone who is ruling us who always decide things based on other words. Don’t fight in the name of religion , we are all Indians , lets fight to bring up changes in our system and try to build a new system. Our first victory was in the last MP election in which all the members who were supported by Rahul have won and one more victory was latest by-election in which Priya Krishna won against the strongest opponent Somanna. All these are the signs of our revolution.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Memorable Birthday In My Life

I should thank my god for the first because he added up one more year in my life. I celebrated this birthday with my dearest people who loves me so much in the mean time lost few people who loved me very much.

I don’t know who will stay with me in next year but I believe my god will be with me forever. Because he is only one who really loves me , loved me and love me forever.Am a great sinner in this world who have done lot of sin but still Lord Jesus has forgiven all those and given me the rebirth to live in this world.

Thank you Lord, for loving me so much. Please take my life at this moment only if possible or strengthen me to overcome the difficulties in life. I know that you always stay with me and strengthens me.

I hope this is toughest time to hide my tears. But still I should have to control that because i don’t want the people around me to feel sad.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Usage of social networking sites

Social media has become very popular now a days and people are using it most. And social networking sites like orkut , facebook etc are popular which is helping a lot in connecting people all over the world. Its not just about networking with friends also helping in business networking.

Few of them will think that using social networking sites during the working hours will impact on the productivity of the work and it will leads to low productivity. But I don’t feel that. Using the social networking sites we can share ideas and it will help us a lot.

It may divert our mind some times when we were doing few personal discussions but if its healthy discussions then surely its going to help us a lot, Using networking sites during working hours will helps to keep in touch with friends and clients. Its an best media to connect with people all the time. We have to use networking sites if we are in marketing profession which will always keep in connection with your clients and customers. Using networking sites to connect with people is beneficial in two ways :

i) helps to maintain good relationship with your clients and customers.

ii) Will reduce your cost

Share your thoughts regarding this and helps to know whether we have to use social networking sites during working hours or not.

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